Our New Septic System (w/ Costs)

September 30, 2013 — 2 Comments


What could be more interesting than reading about the installation of a septic tank? This blog just gets better and better!

The truck rolled in Friday morning at about 9:30AM and work was completed by about 4PM. The documentation from the perc test called out a 1000 gallon septic tank with 180ft. of infiltrator pipe or 300ft. of conventional field lines. We opted for the infiltrator which is a piece of molded plastic about two feet wide that sits in the bottom of the field line trench.


The tank was a huge concrete mass that required an enormous hole. Like my earlier excavation experience, I was amazed at how quickly and precisely the operator was able to make such a big hole in the ground.


The field lines were almost completely dug by the time the septic tank was delivered. The truck was able to drive right up to the pit and lower the tank directly into the ground. I think the whole delivery took about 20 minutes.



With the tank in the ground, the three-person crew split into two teams – one working on the plumbing for the tank while the other installed the field lines.


Around noon they broke for lunch, and by about 2:00PM the inspector was on-site to sign-off on the permit. With the approval in hand, the crew began the process of covering the tank and field lines with dirt, which took about an hour.

The area still looks pretty rough. The contractor explained that he could smooth it all out, but after the first rain or two, it would all settle and collapse. He couldn’t pack it down with the machines because it might damage the field lines. After a few rains he said we could fill the low spots and smooth the area using a small tractor with a box blade. Luckily, my neighbor down the street volunteered his services when the time comes. I’m going to love living in the country!

Roark Supervising Installation of Septic Tank

With Roark’s supervision, the whole operation went off without a hitch.

I got three bids for the project: one was from our excavators, and the other two came from the Soil Dude’s recommendations. Two of the bids came in at $2,900. The third was $3,000. Bellew Contracting Services (out of Gadsden) said they could get the job done two days after I contacted them. They got the job! From what I can tell, they did good work. We’ll see how it goes once we start using the system…





2 responses to Our New Septic System (w/ Costs)

  1. Wow – you are making such great progress. Have you had a septic system before? It’s taking me awhile to get used to the idea of one. The hardest part for me so far is remembering what I can and can’t put down the drain. Are you on the property full time now?

  2. I’ve never had anything but a septic system, so there’s nothing new there for us. It’s really not as complicated as it probably seems. We don’t do anything special to our system, and we’ve never had any kind of problem. It just works…

    We’re not on the property full time, yet. It looks like it will be the first part of January. We’ve been camping in the motor home just about every weekend, but progress has really slowed down. Until we’re out there, there’s just not a lot we can do. A lot of our energy has been going into the logistics of getting a trailer and dealing with the power company.

    We did see our first deer Friday night. There were four of them standing in the driveway when we drove up. The kids were very excited. We also heard our first coyotes, which is a whole other story.

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