Jan 15

Ant Farm Native Birds: Yellow Throated Vireo




3 responses to Ant Farm Native Birds: Yellow Throated Vireo

  1. Hi Ken, I’m a friend of Leigh’s from CBS. Are you certain it is a vireo and not a goldfinch? They look very similar. Vireos are rare, and if so, you all are fortunate! A good investigation for the kids….

  2. The beak was the main thing that led us to the conclusion that they were vireos, however, I may well be mistaken. Goldfinches have conical beaks, and in most of the identification images I’ve seen the beak is orange. The vireo has a long, slender black beak. The main thing that might lead me to question it is the spectacles. They don’t look really pronounced in this picture. The pine warbler looks a lot like the vireo, too. I’ll have to take a look at the birds tomorrow morning and see what it looks like. I’ll update this post with some new pictures if I can get them.

    Thanks for comment! We’re new to this whole thing, and learning more about them is what makes it interesting.

  3. My boys and I have been bird-watching…very casually… for many years, but we are still amateurs. I was surprised at how quickly we all became enthusiasts, like you, after we out our feeders up. We started watching birds when we lived in Virginia, and the most “rare” bird I ever saw was a scarlet tanager. A lot of the birds here are the same, but since living in Clay, we have gotten to see the very striking, but shy Rufus sided towhee. They are beautiful and mostly feed on the ground. Do put out a hummingbird feeder about the first of April, that’s when they should be arriving (though there are those who say they stay year-round… I don’t believe them, especially a winter like this!)

    I hope you will keep us abreast of your bird watching, (pun intended,) and I do hope it is a vireo!
    Happy bird watching!

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