Starting Seeds for 2015

February 24, 2015 — 2 Comments

In an effort to get an early jump on things, we started our seeds on February 15th this year. We planned to start them in conventional trays in the house, but when we got to the big box store, they had these pre-packaged peat discs in a tray on clearance. Each tray holds 72 starts, and the cost was about the same as the empty trays. So we decided to go for it, and see how they work. We bought two for starters.

The seed trays are sitting by an south-facing window in our living room

The seed trays are sitting by a south facing window in our living room. We use a motion sensing device called the “Scraminal” to deter the cats from digging in the peat. It makes a VERY loud noise whenever they approach the flats.

2015 Heirloom seeds from Baker CreekWe loaded up the trays with our Spring vegetables and support plantings for the micro-swale garden we’re installing on the east side of the house in the next few months. Many of these same plants will also be making appearances in our forest garden in a few months.

We just received our big order from Baker Creek for some of out herbs and flowers, but they won’t go in until a little later in the season.

We were both surprised at how long it took to plant 144 squares. My back was killing me by the time we finished, and I was only hunched over the counter on the island in our kitchen. I’m not looking forward to the process of planting these in the ground!

We used up what was left in our inventory from the house in Trussville. This included original seed packs from two years ago, seeds I traded at Jack Spirko’s earthworks workshop and some seeds that I collected from the garden at the end of the season. We bought some additional seeds from a local box store to fill in the gaps.

A young tomato plant reaches out toward the window.

After a week, I was excited to see some things poking out of the peat. Of course, I was a little disappointed at the plants that have yet to make an appearance (I’m looking at you Stevia…).I’ve gotten a real kick out of watching the plants lean toward the windows in the morning, and slowly turn around and lean toward the lamp in the evening. God’s creation is truly an amazing thing.

We went back and forth about the best way to document what was what, but, as it always does in our house, the spreadsheet won the day. Is there any problem that can’t be solved with spreadsheets? My wife would say, “Absolutely not!”

Seed Starting 2015 Spreadsheet

So far we’re really enjoying checking out the growth every day. The kids will race each other to see what’s sprung up overnight or since the morning and argue about whether or not it was there before. Lately it’s the best part of my day…




2 responses to Starting Seeds for 2015

  1. I would love for you to post the results of your seed starting.

  2. @Steph Laird – 2015 was pretty much a dud! The little peat bundles were terrible. Also, we’ve since learned we didn’t have NEARLY enough light to really get the plants past basic germination. Maybe I’ll do a post this year when we do our starts and follow it through the season. 2016 was MUCH more successful.

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