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How to Get Free Buckets

September 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

When I first got interested in grinding my own wheat for artisan bread making, we found ourselves in a dilemma.The cheapest way to buy wheat berries is in 50 lb. bags, and to maintain its quality the grain needs to be stored in the house at a constant temperature. As always, the internet provided the solution: 5-gallon plastic buckets.

Each bucket can hold about 35 lbs. of wheat, rice, beans, or whatever. Two buckets would easily do the trick for my 50 lb. bags of wheat. But where do you get 5-gallon food-grade buckets? Home Depot and Lowe’s sell buckets for pretty cheap (about $3.00 each), but the problem is that they are not food-grade. You can overcome this by buying food-grade mylar bags that you seal with a clothes iron, but that’s getting complicated and more expensive.

The solution came one day while the family was at Sam’s Club. As we walked by the bakery, I noticed a neat little row of plastic buckets on the sink behind the counter. I asked what they were going to do with them, and when they said the buckets get thrown away I sprang into action. A few minutes later Leigh was hanging her head in shame while I convoyed three overloaded carts of glaze-encrusted buckets through Sam’s like the circus rolling out of town. Damn the spectacle… Free Buckets! Who’s gonna’ say “no” to that?!?

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