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What could be more interesting than reading about the installation of a septic tank? This blog just gets better and better!

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Inspired by another blog on the subject, I thought it would be helpful to others considering this adventure to detail a running tally of the expenses we’ve incurred on the land so far. Obviously every situation will be different, but it should help the newly initiated get an idea of what they’re getting themselves into. Many of our costs could have been significantly reduced if our home site was closer to the main road. However, our plans for the land are pretty extensive, and a home site in that location would not have served us well. Here goes: Continue Reading…

Constitution & Conduit

September 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

00 ft. of conduit in the ground.

Things have finally started to move again on the Ant Farm. The rain has held off, and the soil (as well as the chert pit) has dried up enough for the heavy machines to roll again. As it turned out, things were moving so quickly that I was caught a little off guard. Friday I learned that the excavators were set to install the water pipe on Saturday, and I had been planning to install a conduit while the trench was open for the water line. As a result, Edie and I ended up rushing out to the property yesterday morning with a truckload of conduit and a long day’s work ahead of us.

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While the excavators were knocking down trees I shot some video with my phone. What these machines can do is awesome.

The family sitting on a CAT dozer.The excavation work started today. The whole project includes 700ft. of road, clear-cutting about an acre for our garden and clearing another acre or so for our home site.

Just to be clear, clear-cutting involves removing all of the trees, scrub, bushes… basically everything from the property. Clearing involves using a dozer to knock down all of the scrub, bushes and small trees, but the big trees remain in-tact. Cleared forest leaves a good bit of dappled shade, and clear-cutting opens everything into full sun.

When we started, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea how long it took to clear land, and in my mind we were in for weeks of hard labor.

So today I was headed into the office when I got a call from the dozer operator. “You may want to come out here and take a look before we start knocking stuff down and make sure we get this right.” Immediately I began the 45 minute drive. You see, it has rained every single day for a very long time. I believe it may be the wettest July on record. We’ve been waiting weeks for the opportunity to finally start, and this call was very good news. Continue Reading…