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The family sitting on a CAT dozer.The excavation work started today. The whole project includes 700ft. of road, clear-cutting about an acre for our garden and clearing another acre or so for our home site.

Just to be clear, clear-cutting involves removing all of the trees, scrub, bushes… basically everything from the property. Clearing involves using a dozer to knock down all of the scrub, bushes and small trees, but the big trees remain in-tact. Cleared forest leaves a good bit of dappled shade, and clear-cutting opens everything into full sun.

When we started, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea how long it took to clear land, and in my mind we were in for weeks of hard labor.

So today I was headed into the office when I got a call from the dozer operator. “You may want to come out here and take a look before we start knocking stuff down and make sure we get this right.” Immediately I began the 45 minute drive. You see, it has rained every single day for a very long time. I believe it may be the wettest July on record. We’ve been waiting weeks for the opportunity to finally start, and this call was very good news. Continue Reading…