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In all my research I was surprised to learn that the preferred method for disposing of brush is to burn it. Apparently, this method is widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly approach because the fossil fuel required to move the brush creates more impact than burning it. My original plan was to make use of the biomass by shredding it and using it for mulch, but after seeing what a tangled dirt-filled mess a brush pile really is, it struck me as being yet another romantic notion that wouldn’t exactly play out in real life. I really wanted to keep all of the organic good-stuff on my land, but like many things in life, this problem would be best solved with fire… So we began burning brush piles.

If there’s a trick to burning brush I haven’t learned it. We spent two weekends trying to eliminate wood piles at the Ant Farm to almost no avail. While the largest of the piles did burn down pretty far, we’re still left with an enormous stack of half-burned wood that I can’t get to re-ignite. The worst part is that I’ve still got four other giant brush piles that will need to be burned before next Spring.

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